Measuring knee range of motion

Measuring knee range of motion

Beginning physical therapy prior to surgery or shortly after surgery can help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Two of the most important aspects of successful surgeries are pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Most people know how important it is to do post-operative rehabilitation, but many are less aware of how important pre-operative rehabilitation, or “prehab,” can be. These programs are designed by your PT to help you reach the best possible outcomes with your surgery.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Most surgeries should be followed by physical therapy to help the patient achieve the best possible outcome from the surgery and a successful recovery. Physical therapy may even start in the hospital immediately following a surgery. Treatments are typically divided into stages and plans of care typically initiate with a focus on managing swelling and pain then moving towards regaining/maintaining range of motion and strength, and eventually resuming normal activity.